About Us

West China Adventures, based in Chengdu, panda land and the bustling queen city of Southwest China, specializes in Panda Tour, natural history and Tibet Discovery for friends of West China Adventures and members of zoos, conservation organizations, and scientific education organizations. All tours are led by excellent staff of WCA and are known for the outstanding, unique itineraries, and special contacts with local scientists, conservationists, and other key personalities. We offer trips to all over China. Every year there are new trips to capture the interest of our travelers and non-profit customers.

Peter Wood, president and founder of West China Adventures, has been working as a tour operator and English-speaking guide over 20 years. He’s done lots of careful research for his tourist business and has led many wonderful tours for Euro-American clients, with excellent friendship and partnership all over China. He knows what his clients really take interest in  , how to make excellent arrangements for his clients and how to take good care of them. If you need a customized tour or if you cannot find suitable programs on our website, please email us through info@westchinaadventures.com.We can put together amazing places you would like to see. We make sure our quick response.
Especially, Mr. Wood has excellent contacts and relations with the Panda Center in Chengdu, the Bifengxia Panda Center and the primer center for the giant pandas at the Wolong Nature Reserve. Peter can customize any type of trip you would like. Also, Peter Wood is always glad and honored to escort his clients’ tour as requested.
Dear Travelers: West China Adventures invites you to discover the best of China.We offer you customized tour programs with a personal friendly service.As a tour operator specializing in China Tours over 20 years, we make sure you enjoy the most in-depth travel experience. 

Partners & Travel Agents  We work with Travel Agents on China Tour. If interested, please contact us by peter@westchinaadventures.com

Teachers or Students’ China Travel
We organize school students or teachers’ trips in China. As a local experienced tour operator in China, we can customize any type of tour you want, and we’ll do our best to take good care of every paritcipant.For many years,we’ve been working with ATS, IGS and Rockway, repectively from US, Malaysia and Canada.If interested, please let us know.

Panda Adoption We offer you a special progam in which you can adopt a panda and give a name to it. You can adopt it for serveral years or lifetime.

Face-Changing Training
Facial mask-changing is the most popular part of Sichuan Opera.We offer you an opportunity to learn about this magical
art in a local school with a master performer.If interested, please let us know.

Gourmet Food Tour   Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan Province, is the birth place of wolrd famous SIchuan Food. We have a program for Sichuan Gourmet Food Tour , in which we attend a cooking school course and learn Sichuanese Cooking, and of course different excellent dishes wil feast your mouth.

Volunteer in Bifengxia(Wolong)/Dujiang Yan Panda Base  With excellent relationship between Bifengxia(Wolong) and WCA, opportunities are offered to those who would like to stay closer to pandas. Under instructions of panda experts, do some cleaning of panda’s encloures, deliver bamboo etc. , as a volunteer.Let us know if you have any question.

Photography Travel for Giant Pandas  We also offer photography service for giant pandas.With very good friendship between Wolong Panda Reserve and us, your photography tour will be in high quality together with personal friendly service.

Also, we offer you pick-up , hotel, air or train booking service. While browsing our tour programs, if you  cannot find suitable ones, please email us by info@westchinaadventures.com.