Bifengxia Panda Base

Literally, Bifengxia means Green Peak Canyon, and is round 10 miles from Ya’an City . Its onstruction began in October of 2002, at Ya’an City, Sichuan Province. The Base opened in the fall of 2003. This Giant Panda base is a branch of the China Conservation & Research Center for the Giant Panda, (CCRCGP) Wolong Nature Reserve, under the China’s Minstry of Forestry.
Before construction, the Bifengxia base was a virgin forest with no power, no road and no housing. t’s described as a “blank paper, waiting for great events to occur” by Dr. Tang Chunxiang, Professor , Assistant Director and Chief Veterinarian.

The Bifengxia base was established as a safeguard for the captive Giant Panda population at the Wolong Base. The threat of an outbreak of disease or infection was of great concern. If an epidemic was to occur among the captive Giant Pandas at the WolongCenter, it could destroy the entire population. Splitting the captive Giant Pandas of Wolong into two separate areas was planned to prevent this from happening. In addition, Wolong was getting crowded and more space was required for the Giant pandas.

The Giant Pandas at Bifengxia Base are spread over several different areas: Leopard Mountain, New Leopard Mountain, Bai Xiong Ping, Bi Tan (quarantine area), the Kindergarten and nursery, breeding center, Research Center and Hospital and Xiao Xi Tian, the restaurant/hostel. The enclosures are large with indoor and outdoor areas.

The Earthquake of May 2008 told us a fact that, planning for a second base was a smart decision.

40 Giant Pandas were evacuated to the Bifengxia base from Wolong following the earthquake. Many enclosures have been completed to house pandas. Each enclosure has a camera system and is monitored in a control room by staff. Several cameras were offered by Pandas International. Pandas International has always been taking good care of giant pandas. Great thanks to Pandas International.
P.S. There is also a Bifengxia Wildlife Safari on the way to the panda base that houses other animals but it is completely separate.