Tangjiahe Nature Reserve

Tangjiahe Nature Reserve, established in 1978, is famed as “Home of Life”, and it was designated as National Reserve in 1986. This excellent reserve focuses on main protection of giant pandas with their habitats and forests and other wildlife, covering an area of 40,000 hectares. Located in Qingchuan County of Guangyuan, it is adjacent to the northwest of Longmeng Mountains of Minshan Mountian Range, neiboring Biashuijiang Nature Reserve to the north, Dongyanggou Reserve to the east, and Mianyang City to the east.
With an elevation of from 1150 meters to 3837 meters and rich in biological resources ,Tangjiahe Reserve boasts of 430 kinds of vertebrate animals in which 72 species are state-protected, around 60 wild pandas, 1000 golden monkeys and more than 1200 takins. In this area, there are 2433 kinds of plants , in which 12 species are in state protection. The reserve is one of main habitats for giant pandas in Minshan Mountain Range. Designated as “A-level Nature Reserve” by the World Nature Fund, it is one of hot areas for protection of world’s biodiversity .Also, this reserve is famous for its Old Yinpin Road in era of Three Kingdoms, ruins of Red Army’s Long March and other remarkable natural views. It derserves its honor of “Natural Gene House” , Home of Life and Green Pearl of Minshan Mountain Range.