Wanglang Nature Reserve,WWF’s Program

Wanglang, home of wild giant pandas, is located in the northwest of PingwuCounty. The Wanglang Nature Reserve , established in 1964 by Sichuan Forestry Administration, with an area of 30,000 hectares, lies in MinshanMountains among some of China’s most important panda’s habitats. So far there live about 1600 wild giant pandas in the world, which of 1/7 live in PingwuCounty, and about 34 wild giant pandas in Wanglang Reserve. In the recent years many Chinese and foreign experts have done the survey of pandas. They have the same goal—a good protection of giant pandas.

In the Wanglang Nature Reserve , there live many leopard cats,wild yaks, giant pandas, takins,monals,and blue-eared pheasants. Walk into the lush virgin forests , you have very good chances to identify wild flowers, trees, birds and some other animals.Besides, you can witness colorful Baima people who have lived there for hundreds of years.

Baima minority people, numbering over 1,000, live in the northwest of Pingwu, close to the Wanglang Nature Reserve. They are descendents of ancient Di ethnic minority living in the northern part of China in the past.Often, they live together as a patriarchal clan,forming villages one after another. Men and women wear a white hat with rooster tail’s feather erected,being the symbol of their nationality. They are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, and they are good at dancing , singing, warm-hearted and hospitable to all guests.