Jiu Zhaigou National Park, UNESCO’s World Natural Heritage

Jiuzhaigou , with its literal meaning of nine village vally, is located in Aba Tibet and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Northwest Sichuan, about 450 km far from Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan. With three honors of world natural heritage, Green Globe 21 and Man and Biosphere Network member , it’s been described as “fairyland”, famed for its snow-capped mountains, azure sky, cascades, turquoise lakes, colorful woods and folk custom of Tibetans. It’s a wonderful destination that people are dreaming of going back to nature. Walking through the virgin forest or hiking on the boardwalks or trails , one can enjoy most in-depth travel experience.
If there is really a fairyland on earth,it is the Jiuzhaigou Valley ,located in Nanping County of the Aba Tibet and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province,over 400 kilometers south of the provincial capital Chengdu.The spirits that haunt the fairyland are waters–lakes,springs,waterfalls,streams,rivers,and shoals,merging into a combination of motion and tranquility,of obduratess and tenderness,and of all hues and postures.The waterfalls,high or low,roar and hum; the lakes,big or small,are blue and crystal clear; and reflected in the lakes are red leaves,green trees,snow-capped peaks,and the azure sky.Water flows between trees ,trees grow in the water, and over the center of waters flowers blossom.There,every step in your walk brings you a scene that will not repeat elsewhere.The mystical landscape attracts modern people who look for green dreams and wish to return to nature.The fairyland has become a holy land of nature, to which thousands upon thousands of tourists pay homage.