Sichuan Hiking Discovery

Dear friends, in 2020, we invite you to discover amazing Sichuan.Specially, we choose early 2020 to have nice weather in this good season.We begin our expedition at Mt. Emei, China’s famous Buddhist mountain and world cultural & natural heritage.On the way hiking up Mt.Emei, marvel at awesome mountain landscapes as well as speical snow views and absorb the contemplative atmosphere of shrines of the temples.

In Dujiangyan, explore the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, built over 2,000 years ago, which is still in use. Also we’ll have a nice hike by visting Mt. Qingcheng, a Daoist mountain and UNESCO’s heritage. Then in Tangjiahe Nature Reserve, we’ll have opportunities to see some wild animals such as sambar deer, muntjacs, takins, monkeys and other wildlife on the walking tour. Go ahead to Jianyou, we’ll hike Jiuhuangshan Mountain, a Qiang People’s area, to know about Qiang minority people as well as nice views of this special place.
Continue the trip to Zitong and browse Qiqushan Temple, a Daosit place where lots of people pay homage to gods before their exams,hopefully to get good achievements.Every year, many believers come here to do prayers by burning incenses and kowtowing. In Chuiyuanlang(emerald cloud corridor), witness lots of old cypresses(planted over 1,700 years ago).
In Jiange, we’ll enjoy a hike at Jianmenguan Pass, where some battles that happened in era of Three Kingdoms and also in Kuomingtang period.
Finally we conclude our trip in Chengdu, by visting Chengdu’s Panda Park and Jinsha Archaeology Museum.

Schedule:Jan. 10-25,2020
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