Top Panda Tour

Dear Panda Fans,
We’ve planned a very special tour to explore panda habitats with a panda expert. Our journey begins in Chengdu, known as “home of giant pandas” and the bustling queen city of West China.In Chengdu, see giant pandas and red pandas and also browse Kuanzhai Xiang Zi, landmark of Old Chengdu. A visit to Chengdu Embroidery Workshop will show us the process of people’s making embroidery and brocade.

Travel outside of Chengdu Plains to the edge of Sichuan Basin, along Pitao River our destination will be Wolong Panda Reserve, famous for giant pandas as well as beautiful Tibetan People. In these days, we’ll marvel at spectacular views of Wolong and attend lectures by panda experts , and also by wearing panda suits, stay with pandas and explore the wild area of the re-introduction program of giant pandas. Especially, following a panda expert, continue our unique trip to Tiantaishan, to track pandas in the wild by using a radio device. At leisure, we’ll have time to browse some Tibetan villages and enjoy local food.

Join us in this once-in-a-lifetime experience!
The first group will be led by Peter Wood,
President of West China Adventures!

This program’s space is so limited .
Early Booking, Guaranteed Space! If your dates cannot be in
our schedule, a private tour will be made for you!

Schedule: (1)June 8-16, 2017(Sold Out). Group Size: 8paxs
(2)May 18-26, 2018/June 9-17, 2018. Group Size: 10paxs

Tour Itinerary
Day 1 Meet you by WCA’s representative. Transfer to the hotel.
Overnight in Chengdu

Day 2 This morning, explore Chengdu Panda Park . See giant pandas and red pandas with a park guide.
Afternoon, browse Kuanzhai Xiangzi, the landmark of Old Chengdu.
Overnight in Chengdu

Day 3 Travel to Wolong, the world-famous panda’s habitat.
Meet a panda expert and prepare for our special program. At leisure,
explore some Tibetan villages.
Overnight in Wolong(Farmhouse Resort)

Days 4-5 We’ll work in the wild area of pandas’ re-introduction progam
by wearing a panda suit.Do special activities with panda experts.
By attending panda exerts’ lectures and talking to them,We’ll know more about pandas behind-the-scene.

Days 6-7 With a panda expert, explore the wild area of Tiantai Shan Mountain.
We’ll track pandas by using a radio device under instructions of panda experts.

Day 8 Head for Dujiangyan Panda Base. Meet a panda expert with a special visit to the panda’s hospital.
Afternoon, browse a workshop for the embroidery and brocade in Chengdu.
Overnight in Chengdu

Day 9 Departure.