Discover Tibetan Land of Western Sichuan

Over 1300 years ago, Libai,great poet in Tang Dynasty(618–907A.D.), described Sichuan as “Sichuan was said to be more difficult to reach than heaven”. That’s why now we can see most naturally wild things kept by nature. This time we trek into the heart of Sichuan and discover the best of West China. We’ll travel outside of Sichuan Basin, explore Dege, Khamba Culture Center and one of three Tibetan Culture centers in China , located at the border between Sichuan and Tibet. It is source of southern school of Tibetan Medicine and the birthplace of King Gasar, Tibetan hero.Here, we can see Dege Buddhist Scripture Printing House as well as supernatural beauty . Marvel at the most virginal sceneries in Daocheng(famed as the last Shangri-La on earth)and “Oriental Alps”, Four Girls Mountain. Uncover the mystery of “Oriental Pyramids”. Browse minority groups’ villages to know more about their daily life , and stay in local residences with an opportunity to experience their folkways. The beauty is beyond words.
Day1 Chengdu
Arrive Chengdu, the bustling queen city of West China and capital city of Sichuan. Transfer to the hotel. Celebrate your arrival with a Sichuan Food dinner. As an option, a wonderful performance of Sichuan Opera will be attended.
Overnight in Chengdu(D)
Day 2 Kham
Depart for Khangding via Luding. En route, see Luding, the town noted for Long March, with a walking tour of Luding Suspension Bridge , an old original site of world famous Long March , where the battle happened between the Red Army and Kuomingtang Army on May 26–30,1935. Also visit the Red Army Museum. Late afternoon arrival of Khangding, a spectacular Tibetan town and China’s love song country, famed for China’s popular folk song “Khangding Love Expression”. And , discover Kham , a very important hub to Tibet, is also a bright pearl set on Sichuan-Tibet Road.Here , men and women are very friendly and hospitable. Especially , Khangba Men have got their special honor —Khangba Hanzi(brave men). Tibetan girls are very good at singing in antiphonal way. If you sing better that way, you could be a Tibetan son-in-law. Evening to enjoy a Tibetan folk custom show. Overnight in Khangding .
Overnight in Khangding (BLD)
Day 3 Kham/Ganzi
Travel to Ganzi, noted as “small Sunshine City” and it means “purely white and beautiful” in Tibetan language. Marvel at nice views of Zheduo Mountain amd Bharmei Grassland. Photos at Xinduqiao, known as paradise of photographers. Also enjoy different kinds of colorful Tibetan architecture. Time permits, we’ll have a Tibetan family visit.
Overnight in Ganzi(BLD)
Day 4 Dege
Depart this morning for Dege.Browse Marniganga, known as China’s Western Cowboy Town. With a lama guide, explore Xinluhai(New Road lake), China’s biggest natural habitat for protection of white-mouthed deer. Before arrival of Dege, we’ll have opportunities for photos of Que’er(baby bird) Mountain(an elevation of 22440 feet above sea level), the hightest one on Sichuan & Tibet road. Also see Tibetan Hopital and the world-famous Dege Buddhist Scripture Printing House
Overnight in Dege(BLD)
Day 5 Ganzi
Today,well cross Jinshajiang (golden sand river)Bridge with a short Tibet tour. Head for Baiyu(white jade in Chinese, and its location resembles a pattern of good omen, hence the name), a spectacular town borders Tibet. This nice town is just opposite to Tibet with a border river , Jinshajiang. See Baiyu Monastery overlooking the town. Observe daily life of locals . Head back to Ganzi.
Overnight in Ganzi(BLD)
Day 6 Danba
Journey to Danba. We’ll travel over Zheduo Mountain with an experiecne of “Sichuan was said to be more difficult to reach than to heaven”. Mavel at spectacular views of Xinduqiao, known as “paradise of photographers”. While enjoying gorgeous scenery of such endless Takong(known as favorite place of buddhas) Grassland, see memorial pagoda of Panchen Lama, made of pure gold. Also , absorb the contemplative atmosphere in shrines of Tagong Monastery. After a glimpse of Bhamei Grassland , travel in “natural bonsais” of Eastern Valley.
Overnight in Danba(BLD)
Day 7 Danba/Siguniang
This morning browse Danba, an over-1700-year-old Tibetan town. Stop at some Tibetan villages and enjoy our village tour in Beauty Valley. Observe the daily life of Tibetan minority. See groups of Tibetan Towers(Known as “Oriental Pyramids”. According to Tibetan folkways, there will be a new tower built if a son is born in a family) and photograph unfogettable view of this mountain area. Late afternoon arrival of Siguaniang(four girls). Leisure time for personal interests. As an option,attend the dancing and singing party of Tibetan people in the evening
Overnight in Rilong(BLD)
Four Girls Mountain, a designated National Nature Reserve located in Xiaojin County, is noted for its azure sky, fresh air, glacier, virgin forest. It is known as Oriental Alps and “Queen of Shu(short name for Sichuan Province) Mountains”. The Reserve consists of “Three valleys and one mountain”, with the main peak at an elevation of 20,000 feet. In the Reserve there live squirrels, river deer,black bears and snow boars.
Day 8 Rilong
Full day excursions to Four Girls Mountain . After breakfast,depart for Shuangqiaogou. The green bus will take us to Jade Rabbit Peak. See wildflowers and enjoy scrub vegetation . After a picnic lunch in the valley explore Changpinggou. A visit to the lamasery,torrential waterfalls pretty rocks. Also,enjoy a hike on the boardwalks and visit Tibetan families. Enjoy dancing, singing with Tibetans(optional tour).
Overnight in Rilong(BLD)
Day 9 Wolong
Travel to Wolong.En route , we’ll stop at the top of Balang Mountain with opportunity to photograph beautiful sea of clouds. Balang Mountain feasts us real charm of nature that nothing esle can be above. Also visit Wolong Panda Reserve. See giant pandas . As an option, take a picture of cute baby panda cuddled.
Overnight in Wolong(BLD)
Day 10 Chengdu
Head back to Chengdu via Dujiangyan. See over 2,000-year-old irrigation project(still in use) built in the middle of Min River that was divided into channels flowing through Sichuan Basin.
In the afternoon, visit the embroidery factory or attend a kungfu tea making show.
Overnight in Chengdu(BLD)
Day11 See off at the airport.