Jeep Tour of Xinjiang

Jeep Tour(4WD) in Xinjiang is personally-designed for adventurers. Xinjiang, a dreamland , is located in the Northwest of China, with its major residents , Uygur people. The world-famous Silk Road goes through this amazing entire province. Lots of historical sites and beautiful stories are from here. For our adventure travel, we explore Kashgar,an important hub to Silk Road. Browse Uygur people’s villages with a family visit. Marvel at special desert views in Taklamakan. Taste kebabs, hami melons and grapes. You can say”My dream comes true in the Dreamland”.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 Beijing
Arrive Beijing, capital of P.R.C.and the political , economic and cultural center of China. You’ll be met by your guide at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Leisure for personal interests.
Overnight in Beijing(D)
Day2 Beijing
Walking the Great Wall of China is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and this morning we head to the small town to begin this incredible adventure. After a picnic lunch on the wall we return to Beijing via the equally impressive Ming Tombs , and cruise canals in boats lit with traditional red lanterns. We’ll disembark in time to enjoy dinner with a local family.
Overnight in Beijing(BLD
Day3 Kashgar
Fly to Urumqi. Connect the flight to Kashgar . Transfer to the Qinibagh Hotel, the former British consulate until 1947. This comfortable hotel will be your base during your time in Kashgar
Overnight in Kashagar (BLD)
Day4 Kashgar
A visit to the local family tomb of Abakh Khoja, the powerful ruler of Kashgar in the 17th century. Afterwards on to the magnificent and elegant Idkah Mosque. Have lunch with a local Uyghur Family. Later , take a stroll through the handy crafts street situated in the old town.
Overnight in Kashagar(BLD)
Day 5 Tashkurgan
Early morning, head to Karakul lake, a gorgeous body of water surrounded by barren and snow-capped mountains and the occasional Kyrgyz yurt. Then we drive on the Karakorum Highway (witness the spectacular scenery on the road from Kashgar to Pakistan). Final destination will be the Tajik town of Tashkurgan, the last town before the Pakistani border.
Stay in Pamir Hotel. (BLD)
Day 6 Tashkurgan
See an ancient fort from the 14th century and Tajik Culture and Art Center. Dinner will be with a Tajik Family.
Stay in Pamir Hotel (BLD)
Day 7 Kashgar
On a scenic drive, head back to Kashgar
Overnight in Kashgar(BLD)
Day8 Yarkand
Journey to Yarkand, a town which was once larger than Kashgar due to it??s extensive commercial trade with India. Taste delicious cold locally made plum soda (meigui xiangjiu). Also, explore the Golden Mosque, Kings Tombs.
Stay in Yarken Hotel(BLD)
Day 9 Khotan
Make our way to Hetian (Khotan) famed for its jade, carpets, silk and embroidery. A pleasant and relaxing city, stroll around the unpaved lanes of the old residential area and observe the daily life of locals in the tree and vine shaded courtyards.
Stay in Khotan Hotel. (BLD)
Day10 Khotan
Visit Malikawat ,an ancient city believed to be the ancient capital of Yutian Kingdom (Han Dynasty). Potsherds, ancient coins and other items have been excavated since 1977. See the Mosque in the Desert, a silk factory, carpet factory, Jade River, jade factory, and the 1000-year-old walnut tree.
Stay in Khotan Hotel. (BLD)
Day11 Niya
In the remote vastness of the Taklamakan desert ,we head for a once thriving community, Niya, rediscovered in the early 20th century by the explorer Aurel Stein. The town’s remoteness and the absence of moisture have meant that many of Niya’s relics still lie where they were abandoned almost 2000 years ago.
Stay in Niya Hotel(BLD)
Day12 Taklamakan
We’ll continue our adventure tour through the middle of the Taklamakan Desert. Taklamakan is a Uyghur word which translates “Sea of Death. Once you come, no chance for you to go back”. Witness several towns in the middle of the desert and meet the different cultures. Feel free to enjoy the amazing scenery of Taklamakan Desert, it is sure to be the most unforgettable part of your trip.
Stay in Kucha Hotel(BLD)
Day 13 Kucha
Kucha (Kuqa),situated on the rim of the Taklamakan Desert. Friendly locals often invite you to eat and drink with them. Local farmers stand next to mountains with fresh melons; old women sell fresh blackberries in natural syrup which are exquisite when mixed with fresh yoghurt. Surely, make the hungriest of you completely satisfied!
Stay in Kucha Hotel. (BLD)
Day 14 Kucha
Explore Kizil Thousand Buddha caves which contain some of the finest examples of Buddhist art in Central Asia. See the ancient city ,Subash dating from the 4th century and includes towers, halls, monasteries dagobas and houses. Also witness the Beacon Tower and Kucha??s Grand Mosque.
Stay in Kucha Hotel(BLD)
Day15 Korla
On to Korla, capital city of Bayinguoleng Mongolian Prefecture. Situated on the southwest frontier of China covering the eastern half of the Takmilakan Desert and bordering Tibet, Qinghai and Gansu provinces.
Stay in Bostan Hotel. (BLD)
Day 16 Turpan
Further on , we head for Turpan, an oasis watered by the melting snows of Tian Shan, “Heavenly Mountains.” Although located in the Turpan Depression, one of the lowest and hottest places on earth ,Turpan has abundant crops of melons and produces fine grapes for wine as a result of the sophisticated karez system of irrigation.
Stay in Turpan Hotel(BLD)
Day 17 Turpan
Browse Grape Valley situated at the foot of the Flaming Mountains, where vineyards and fruit trees are grown. Next stop is the ancient city of Gaocheng (327 AD) towering with magnificent city walls. After lunch head on to Astana ancient Tombs, scattered on the Gobi Desert they are a public graveyard for the citizens of Gaocheng City. Also,we’ll have an up-close look at the fascinating molten red rock formations of Flaming Mountain.
Stay in Turpan Hotel. (BLD)
Day18 Turpan
See Jiao He. Once a stratigic fotress,it was destroyed by the Mongols during a tax revolt by locals. Witness Karez Wells, an elaborate underground irrigation system invented by the local people to improve the arid land using water from Tianshan snow-capped Mountains. Also see Emin Minaret and Bizeklik 1000 Buddha caves.
Stay in Turpan Hotel(BLD)
Day19 Urumqi
Journey back to Urumqi. From all large cities, Urumqi is the furthest from the sea. A dynamic, expanding, modern Chinese city with nearly one million residents. Explore Wuyi night market for a feast of local food.
Overnight in Urumqi(BLD)
Day 20 Urumqi
Today see Tian Chi, a gem of a lake more than 100 meters deep ,which covers some three sq km. You will be greeted with a beautiful picture of sky-kissing mountains, pine-clad slopes, bright-hued flowers, luxuriant grassland and herds of sheep and cattle, all combining to form a great masterpiece of Mother Nature. Also,we’ll have a Kazak family visit.
Overnight in Urumqi (BLD)
Day21 Beijing
Fly to Beijing.Today,we explore the Hutong(a traditional passage between old Beijinger’s residences) .Observe the daily life of the local people on the walking tour while photographing interesting things.At leisure for personal interests. Farewell dinner will be a Peking Duck banquet.
Overnight in Beijing(BLD)
Day22 See off at the airport.