China Kungfu Tour

For this program, we see Mt.Qingcheng, one of birthplaces of Daoism. Marvel at the supernatural beauty of Qingcheng, UNESCO’s world natural heritage. Especially, learn world-famous Chinese kungfu with master Liusuibin, head of Qingcheng Kungfu .
Mr.Liusuibnin has many foreign students and he’s been many times invited to foreign countries and got the championship of the International Wushu Competition in China TV Guiness. Also,he’s achieved the certificate of Golden Tiger Level 6 in Wushu,issued by China National P.E. Administration .

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 Arrive Chengdu.Transfer to Qingcheng, the birthplace of Daoism. In Qingcheng, we’ll check in Qingcheng Villa or Hexiang Villa(one of the best in Qingcheng) located just at the foot of Mt.Qingcheng. Evening meeting with Liu Sui Bing, head of Qingcheng Boxing School. Mr.Liu , champion of the International Wushu Competition , has been many times invited to France, Ireland, Britain , showing his great talents in Taiji and Chinese Wushu. His students are from all over the world. Many famous foreign kungfu practitioners admire him much and have learned a lot from this veteran Kungfu expert. He always devotes himself to publicization of Daoist kungfu.

Days2–5 Morning: Learn about secrets of Daoist healthcare . After that, in a good place of Mt.Qingcheng, practise Kungfu(Qingcheng Kungfu with a glorious history of over 2,000 years)with Master Liu Suibin.

Afternoon:Lecture on the important role of Daoism in Traditional Chinese Medicine, esp.Daoist massage and its tea or wine making secrets

Evening:Enjoy Daoist massage in one hour by Daoist Taiji practitioners

Day6 Head back to Chengdu .See panda bears in Chengdu Panda Park, and also explore Jinli Folkway Street.

Overnight in Chengdu

Day 7 Departure.