Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival

Dear Friends,we invite you to experience a different culture in China, oriental dragon.This special tour is customized for those who would like to know more about Chinese people’s most important festival and their activities in such special days.In this expedition, we’ll see giant pandas.Explore old beautiful town and a local viallage . Observe local people’s special life with a family visit. Visit locals and join them celebrating Chinese New Year. Marvel at colorful exquisitely-made lanterns in Zigong, known as Salt City and home of Lantern Festival. Also, learn about dinosaurs in Zigong Geo-park. Witness the old salt well that is still in use, and watch people working on salt in their traditional ways and learn about salt making process.

Hope you’ll join us on this special tour with a unique and different experience.
Schedule:Feb.17–23, 2015
Sincerely Yours,

Peter Wood

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 Arrive Chengdu, the bustling queen city and capital city of Sichuan Province, also known as the birthplace of wolrd famous Sichuan Food and paradise of gourmet. You’ll be met by WCA’s representative.

This evening, taste the world famous Sichuan Food in a local non-touristy restaurant before a wonderful performance of Sichuan Opera .
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Day 2 This morning , grasp the best time to see giant pandas in Chengdu Panda Eco-Park .And see Jinsha, an Archaeology Museum built on its original site, and learn about the civilization of Old Shu Kingdom .

In the afternoon, head for Huanglongxi,an old town known as Chengdu’s Hollywood. We’ll stay in Family Fan’s Guesthouse, waiting for Chinese New Year’s coming. In the evening, watch and Join locals celebrating Chinese New Year .This evening, head for our specially prepared local restaurant to attend a nice banquet ,

Overnight in Huanglongxi (BLD)

Day 3 Depart for Huanglongxi . See old residences constructed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties along the slab-paved streets.Observe the daily life of local people.Cruise Qiuxi River with nice rural views on the banks.We’ll have a shore excursion to a buddhist temple where we can make wishes by paying homage to a buddha. Sure, we’ll have a pedicab tour of this old town.

Early afternoon, drive to Zigong, the salt city and where the International Lantern Festival is hosted.

Overnight in Zigong(BLD

Day 4 Today, we’ll visit Sanduozhai, a very local beautiful village. In Chinese New Year, there’s a tradition that all visitors will be welcomed if they have a family visit in the village. Explore the village and talk to local people on the walking tour.Also See Dinosaur Museum and learn why different kinds of dinosaurs lived together before their death.

This evening, marval at colorful and exquisitely-made lanterns at the park where the Lantern Fesitval is hosted.

Overnight in Zigong(BLD).

D5 This morning, Visit Shenhaijin, an old site for making salt that’s still in use. See people working the old way with opportunities for photos, and learn about the salt processing program.
Afternoon, journey to Leshan, one of China’s famous tourist city.
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Overnight in Leshan(BLD)
Day 6 Leshan Giant Buddha.
Marvel at the Grand Buddha, carved into the cliff on the riverside of Min River 1,200 years ago, processing 90 years’work. Afternoon, head back to Chengdu. Overnight in Chengdu(BLD)

Day7 Browse the People’s Park and Kuanzhaixiangzi, the city mark of the Old Chengdu
Overnight in Chengdu

Day8 Departure.