Explore Hometowns of ethnic Minority People of Southwest China

Southwest China,the most attractive area of China, consists of Sichuan,Yunnan and Guizhou provinces. Our program below is to explore these spectacular places.
Guilin, China’s excellent tourist city, is known as “the best landscape under heaven is in Guilin”.
It’s the home of Zhuang Minority People.
Yunnan, China’s biggest province with minority groups,is famous for its tobacco and tourism. Walk through Dali (largest area of Bai people) and known as home to marble, cruise Erhai Lake with a chance to watch cormorants fishing. Also explore Lijiang, home to Naxi minority people who have still kept their unique folkways for thousands of years.
Guizhou, with literal Chinese meaning ‘Noble State’ and located in Southwest China, borders Chongqing, Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces. Little known to westerners, it’s the 5th largest province with ethnic minority population in China. Blessed with supernatural beauty of karst sceneries, spectacular plateau views and beautiful cultural minority groups, it’s been a popular tourist destination. For our expeditions, we trek deep into its heart to explore beautifully cultural minority groups of Miao and Dong. Browse their old villiages constructed in a traditional architectural style. Experience locals’ lifestyle to learn about secrets of their folkways.

Sichuan, home of giant pandas and birthplace of world-famous Sichuan Food, boasts lots of heritage sites and most of natural habitats of pandas in China. Here we exploe he largest residential area of Qiang minority people , browse Qiang people’s village with a family visit and experience their beautiful culture.

Schedule: May 9-23, 2018

Detailed Itinerary
Day1Arrvive Guiyang, capital city of Guizhou Province. Transfer to the hotel. Visit Jiaxiu Tower, landmark of this city . Explore the flower and bird market on the walking tour.
Overnight in Guiyang(BLD)

Day2 Depart for Kaili, capital city of Qiangdongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. Visit Kaili Museum . Learn about glorious history of Miao minority. Also,browse some Miao people’s villages with gorgeous views for photos . Observe daily life of locals .
Overnight in Kali(BLD)
Day3 Travel to Rongjiang. Explore villages of Pheasant Miao and Datang Miao people. Experience their folkways with an opportunity to try local dishes. Late afternoon arrival in Rongjiang, entrance to Dong minority’s residential area.
Overnight in Rongjiang(BLD)

Day4 Journey to Zhaoxing. Visit Miao minority people’s villages in Basha. Explore China’s largest village of Dong minority. SeeDrumTowers, wooden bridges. Marvel at minority people’s beautiful costumes with gorgeous ornaments. In the evening, a warm welcome ceremony with a memorable performance will be attended.
Overnight in Zhaoxing(BLD)

Day5 Head for Guilin via Sanjiang. Discover China’s most beautiful and longest roofed bridges(literally means “wind and rain bridge”). Late afernoon arrvial of Guilin, China’s excellent tourist city famed for its attractive karst landscapes with gumdrop mountains and fantastic caves.

Day6 Cruise down the Li River and marvel at the mesmerising landscape . Disembark in enchanting Yangshuo,a small riverside town of bamboo groves and bizarre peaks. In the afternoon , observe the daily life of local people on the walking tour of the “Western Street”. Head back to Guilin.
Overnight in Guilin(BLD)

Day7 Fly to Kunming, China’s “City of Eternal Spring”, lined with trees and bushes and characterized with pre-revolutionary atmosphere. Explore pets and flower market and enjoy a walk around Emerald Lake in the city heart , with opportunities to watch locals playing majhong and cards .
Overnight in Kunming(BLD

Day8 Explore Stone Forest, home of Sani minority and one of most ramarkable naturework in China, with an area of 80 hectares of bizarre old-aged limestone cliffs and peaks created by wind and water erosion around 270 million years ago.On the way back, visit Sani minority’s village. This evening departure by air to Lijiang.
Overnight in Lijiang(BLD)

Day9 Explore Lijiang(beautiful valley), the home of Naxi matriarchal system. Here , Naxi female elders take care of their family and inherit property. Children often reside in their mother’s home. Explore Jade Dragon Mountain . Hike in a wild and open place through the virgin forests of firs and oaks with opportunities to see crystal clear streams flowing from alpine valleys and Tibetan houses surrounded by colorful prayer flags . Have a glimpse of Upper Yangtze River as a flowing silver ribbon in the distance .
Overnight in Lijiang(BLD)

Day10 Today, explore the old town of Lijiang, UNESCO’s world cultural heritage. Naxi people , descendents of Tibetan nomads, have developed their unique culture and kept their traditions. Distinctive mythology , matrilineal descent , and an attractive pictographic language distinguish from other minority people in YunnanProvince. No wonder , seventy years ago, Joseph Rock,an American botanist and enthographer regarded it as his adopted hometown. Enjoy an idle walk in the old town where Naxi females sell their produce and homemade goods in traditional dress.
Overnight in Lijiang(BLD)

Day11 Travel to Dali. Explore the old walled town of Dali , located between Cangshan Mountains and Erhai Lake , where Bai minority has lived for centuries. Enjoy a walk through the streets lined with eyecatching souvenir stalls. Also, we’ll have a short cruising on ErhaiLake for a visit to fishing and artist communities on the lakeshore. See Chongshen Monastery, built around 1,000 years ago. Next to this sacred place of Bai people is Santa Park where we can witness the marvellous reflections of three pagodas from Chongshen Monastery. In the afternoon visit distinctive marble factory of Bai minority. Evening to attend a concert or a play.
Overnight in Dai(BLD)

Day12 Today we’ll have an adventure tour on the cable car to Cangshan Mountain with nice mountain views. Marvel at supernatural beauty of this sacred mountain of Bai people. Enjoy a hike through the forest on the trails. This wonderful place offer us opportunities to see azaleas, magnolias and pines. At leisure time for exploring “yangren street(foreigner’s street)”and savour your nice coffee.Evening train to Kunming.
Overnight on the train (BL)

Day13 Morning arrival in Kunming to connect to a flight to Chengdu, the bustling queen city of West China, known as “hibiscus city and brocade city”. See giant pandas,China’s national animal in Chengdu Panda Park.This evening, genuine Sichuan food will be on our dinner menu.
Overnight in Chengdu(BLD)

Day14 Travel to the largest area of Qiang Minority People. Explore Taoping Village, known as mysterious “Oriental Old Castle” with a history of more than 2,000 years, and it’s the best-preserved architectural art of Qiang People in the world.On the walking tour, observe the daily life of Qiang People and visit some local families.
Afternoon, head back to Chengdu. Time permitting, browse Jinli Folkway Street.
Overnight in Chengdu(BLD)

Day15 See off at the airport.