Pandas & Qiang Minority People

In this tour,explore the newly completed Dujiangyan Panda Base where volunteering will be done,
with a life-time experience.Browse Shuimo, an awesome village of Qiang Minority People, to know
more about locals and their special culture. A visit to Sanxingdui Araeology Museum will tell us
old civilization of Old Shu Kingdom dating from 3,000 B.C.Finally, Marvel at remarkable beauty of Mt. Qingcheng,
UNESCO’s world heritage and one of birthplaces of Daoism, which is also known as Tranquility
under heaven.

Tour Itineray
Day 1 Meet you at the airport. Transfer to your hotel
Overnight in Chengdu
D2 Transfer to Dujiangyan Panda Base. Register and begin volunteering.
Work as a volunteer under instructions of the panda base.
Afternoon, head back to Chengdu.

D3 Explore Chengdu Panda Eco-park. See red pandas and giant pandas.
Also, enjoy walking tour of Longtan Watertown.

D4 Travel to Guanghan. See Sanxingdui Archaeology Museum. This excellent museum ,
built on its original site, features bronzewares, goldwares, silverwares and other excavations
dating from 3,000B.C..
Afternoon, head back to Chengdu.

D5 On a scenic drive along Ming River, the biggest tributary of Yangtze River, visit Shuimo,
a remarkable village of Qiang Minority People. Observe the daily life of locals on the walking tour of old streets.
This is an awesome place for visitors to know more about Qiang People and their special culture.
Afternoon, return to Chengdu
D6 Today, about an hour’s drive will take you to Mt. Qingcheng, the birthplace of Daoism and UNESCO’s world heritage. With nice mountain views of this holy place, marvel at unique architecture of Daoist temples. Absorb the contemplative atmosphere of shrines with a special experience.
Afternoon, head back to Chengdu
D7 Transfer to the airport. Trip ends.