In Search of Pandas

Southwest China,the most fascinating area to explore , is blessed with most panda’s natural habitats and minority groups. In this expedition, we discover Four Girls Mountain, known as “Oriental Alps” and excellent place for mountaineering . See the over-2200-year-old irrigation system that’s still in use. Visit wild panda reserves(Wolong and Wanglang), especially the first place that pands were found, following a face-to-face talk with panda experts. We’re sure you know more behind-the-scene. Browse the over 1000-year-old town (Huanglongxi) , Chengdu’s Hollywood. You’ll have an experience you’ve never had.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 1 Arrive Chengdu,the bustling queen city of West China and capital city of Sichuan Province. Transfer to the hotel. Leisure for exploration of flower and pets market near our hotel. This evening , celebrate your arrival with a Sichuan Food dinner before a wonderful performance of Sichuan Opera.
Overnight in Chengdu(D)

Day2 Chengdu/Rilong
Depart for Four Girls Mountain.En route stop at the top of Balang Mountain, a spectacular place for photos of clouds. Also see some Tibetan villages.
Afternoon arrival of Four Girls Mountain, a designated National Nature Reserve located in Xiaojin County, which features its azure sky, fresh air, glacier, virgin forest. It is known as “Oriental Alps” and “Queen of Shu(short name for Sichuan Province) Mountains”. The Reserve consists of “Three valleys and one mountain”, with the main peak at an elevation of 20,000 feet above sea levle. In the Reserve there live squirrels, river deer, black bears and snow boars. Check in the hotel. As an option,attend the dancing and singing party of Tibetan people in the evening.
(BLD) Overnight in Rilong

Day 3 Rilong
Full-day excursions to Four Girls Mountain . After breakfast, depart for Shuangqiaogou. The green bus(powered by natural gas) will take us to Jade Rabbit Peak. Explore wildflowers, scrub vegetations and forest paths. with a picnic lunch in the valley. Also see Changpinggou with a visit to the lamasery, torrential waterfalls and pretty rocks. Hike on the boardwalks and visit Tibetan families. Enjoy dancing, singing with Tibetans.
(BLD)Overnight in Rilong

Day4 Rilong/Wolong
Journey back to Wolong. See giant pandas and learn about their breeding program with opportunities to photograph cute pandas. Meet panda experts and get answers to your questions .
Overnight in Wolong(BLD)
Day 5 Woolong
Today ,with a naturalist , hike to Wuyipeng , the key wild panda research center where both Chinese and foreign experts have done their investigations and research. We’ll learn about their reintroduction program. Through the virgin forest , marvel at supernatural beauty of this excellent panda’s habitat. After picnic lunch, visit Panda Museum to learn about panda’s development history.
Overnight in Wolong(BLD)

Day 6 Wolong/Chengdu

Travel to Chengdu via Dujiangyan along the Pitao River, a tributary of Min River, on a scenic drive. See Dujiangyan Irrigation Project , built 2,000 years ago , in the middle of Min River that was divided into channels through Sichuan Basin. Also, witness an over-1,700-year-old ginko , regarded as Daoist longevity tree.
Overnight in Chengdu(BLD)

Day7 Chengdu/Baoxing
Depart for Baoxing , where the first giant pand was found , with a special experience from Chengdu Plain to the edge of Sichuan Basin along Sichuan-Tibet Road. We’ll pass through Ya’an, known as Rainy City and famed for its fish,beautiful girls and marbel. Late afternoon arrival of Baoxing. Check in the hotel. Browse local free market and streets that distinguish from modern cities.
Overnight in Baoxing(BLD)

Days 8-9 Baoxing
In these two days we’ll visit Fengtongzhai(bee hive village) Reserve, a spectacular habitat for giant pandas, located at the foot of Jiajin Mountain which was covered by the Red Army in Long March. It’s just here that David, a French priest and biologist , found the first giant panda in 1869.Thanks to David,giant pandas are well-known all over the world.Tour some Tibetan villages. Enjoy a hike in Dengchigou , where the first giant panda was found..Also,explore groups of stone coffins dating from Eastern Han Dynasty(25A.D.—260A.D.).
Overnight in Baoxing(BLD)

Day 10 Baoxing/Bifengxia
Journey to Ya’an, the throat of Sichuan-Tibet Road, where Sichuan Agricultural University is seated. Explore Shangli Town in which many residences constructed in Ming and Qing Dyansities have been still kept, among them Han Family Residence is the most famous. On the walking tour,some original slogans from Long March can be seen. Also see Baima Geyser , dating from Tang Dynasty(618A.D.–907A.D.)
Overnight in Bifengxia(BLD)

Day 11 Bifengxia/Chengdu
This morning, see Bifengxia Panda Research Center. Following a panda expert , explore this new panda reserve. In the afternoon, head back to Chengdu.
Overnight in Chengdu(BLD)

Day 12 Chengdu/Mianyang
Depart for Mianyang via Guanghan.See Sanxingdui Archaeology Museum. This excellent museum features bronze work, jadewares, gold and silver wares dating 3,000B.C.. After lunch , travel to Mianyang, the second biggest city in Sichuan , is konwn as “science and elcetronics “city and “Silicon Valley” of West China. It boasts the largest TV factory and high-tech companies. Our hotel is located in the hi-tech development zone. At leisure for exploration of hi-tech area.
Overnight in Mianyang(BLD)

Day 13 Mianyang/Wanglang
Journey to Wanglang Nature Reserve via Jiangyou, hometwon of Libai, great poet of Tang Dynasty(618AD-907AD). Arrive the Baima Village where Baima ethnic minority live. A special welcome lunch by Baima people , together with a wonderful performance, will be for us. After a village tour and a visit to a local primary school, travel to the Headquarters of Wanglang Nature Reserve.
Overnight in Wanglang(BLD)

Day14 Wanglang
Wanglang is a nature reserve for a good protection of wild giant pandas , monals, blue-eared pheasants, golden cats and some other rare wild animals. Also it’s nice place for birding. This morning , watch birds in the forest . Then the reserve jeeps take us deep into the reserve. With a naturalist , enjoy hiking through the virgin forests with chances to see wildflowers, plants, some wild animals with opportunities for photos.
Overnight in Wanglang(BLD)

Day15 Wanglang/Chengdu
Head Back to Chengdu. Visit the embroidery factory and attend a kungfu tea making show. Or browse Jinli , a fascinating street with old-style architecture dating from Ming and Qing Dynasties. Leisure time for personal interest.
Overnight in Chengdu(BLD)

Day 16 Chengdu/Huanglongxi

Huanglongxi, an old town known as Chengdu’s Hollywood. Many movies have used it as a nice backround. See old residences constructed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties along the slab-paved streets. On the walking tour , observe the daily life of local people. Cruise Luxi River with nice rural views. For our shore excursion , explore old buddhist temple and photograph a 1000-year-old cypress. As an option, pedicab tour of the countryside with nice rural views.
Farewell Dinner Overnight in hengdu(BLD)

Day 17 Transfer to the airport.Trip ends.