VIP Panda Tour

Dear Panda guys, if you would like a unique and a memorable panda tour, please follow West China Adventures. In this trip, Peter Wood, president of West China Adventures, will be with clients to discover amazing things that normal visitors cannot see. You’ll be met by a panda keeper expert, who will be with us to do feeding of an adult panda in Dujiangyan Panda Park or feed a baby panda by using milk , with a lifetime experience .

The results of the 2013 Wild Panda Census
have just been released by the State Forestry Administration

According to the Administration, as of the end of 2013, the wild panda population has reached 1,864 – an increase of 16.8% over the 2003 census numbers. Wild panda habitat was measured at 2.58 hectares, an 11.8% increase. While the increase can be tied to conservation efforts on the part of the Chinese government over the last decade, it is also important to note that the survey area for this most recent census was substantially larger than the 2003 survey area, which could attribute to the higher numbers.

One thing that is certain is that the panda population is far from safe. Even if the population of wild pandas is actually increasing, panda habitats are being increasingly fragmented by roads, railways, dams and mines. The survey shows that although their total habitable area has increased in the past decade, pandas now dwell in 33 isolated populations separated by insurmountable physical barriers – up from 15 in the last count. Twenty-two of these populations each have less than 30 individuals and are at high risk of extinction.

Itinerary(Option 1)
Day 1 You’ll be met by Peter Wood , president of WCA, at the airport or your hotel.And transfer to Dujiang Yan City.
Time permits, explore Dujiangyan Irrigation System, UNESCO’s world cultural heritage and built 2,300 years ago, that’s still in use.
Overnight in Dujiangyan

Day 2 Depart for Dujiangyan Panda Base.Meet a panda keeper expert and especially do feeding of a panda,with photos.
Afternoon, head back to Chengdu.
Day3 In Chengdu Panda Eco-park, see red pandas and giant pandas by learning about panda’s breeding history.
Then explore Huanglongxi, a nice old town known as Chengdu’s Hollywood, with lots of old residences built in Ming and Qing Dynasties.
Day4 Transfer to the airport.Trip ends.

Option 2
Day 1 You’ll be met by WCA’s Representative at the airport. Transfer to the hotel.
This evening, welcome dinner will be arranged , with an introduction of our tour.

Overnight in Chengdu.

Day 2 Morning is the best time to see giant pandas, more active at this moment.
Explore Chengdu Panda Breeding Base. After that, transfer to Wolong Panda Reserve.
Overnight in Wolong Minjiang Business Hotel

Day 3 This morning, we’ll do our special program (do feeding a baby panda with milk ) with a panda keeper expert. Then head back to Chengdu.
Browse Jinli Folkway Street where we can find some local artisans working or some other interesting things for photos.

Overnight in Chengdu
Day 4 Travel to Huanglongxi, an old town known as Chengdu’s Hollywood.Many movies have used it as their background. See old residences constructed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties along the slab-paved streets. On the walking tour , observe the daily life of local people. Afternoon,head back to Chengdu.
Overnight in Chengdu

Day 5 Transfer to the airport. Trip ends.